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No personal information needed – just a phone call

Using our unique testing application, we use the sound of your voice to give you possible insight into what your body might be telling you at that exact moment.

Whether it is a headache, sore muscle or low energy, with our quick accessment we may be able to give you valuable tools to start you on your way to self-healing.

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Personalized Health Report

At any given moment your body is trying to get itself back into balance. Find out what is its top priority at any given moment.

  • Muscles in stress
  • Vitamins
  • Biochemicals (related to energy, stress, etc.)


Your Health Should Not be a Mystery

Our Process

Depending on information requested, we either test you in person or remotely*. Using the unique structural qualities of your voice we are able to give you an individualized analysis.

*In-depth body analyses requires certain testing parameters be met for the most accurate results.


Results that count

There are many different approaches to take when looking for answers about your health. Unfortunately, not all of them give you enough details to help you take control of your own body. Look no further. Not only can we tell you what body processes are out of sync*, but we may also be able to tell you why.


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