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Nothing can be more exciting than finding out something useful about your health. Let us help you take back control to move toward a healthier and happier YOU!

Steps in the Client Process


Step 1

Fill out our Client Application Form HERE.

Step 2

Download the Audacity application on your Mac or PC Computer HERE.

Step 3

Find full written instructions on downloading and recording HERE.
Find video instructions for recording HERE.

Record 2 Vocal Samples – In a normal speaking voice, record yourself talking about your health; and in the second recording, talk about any other subject. The more emotion that is involved in the subject matter tends to give more data.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is BioAcoustics?

BioAcoustics is the study of the patterns and frequencies of human vocalization. It’s a cross between music therapy and biofeedback. We present to our client’s low-frequency sounds that elicit biological and emotional responses that are shown to be stressed in the body.

For what types of things can you test?

Using *Frequency Equivalents™, we can test for vitamins, minerals, muscles, body function, allergies, energy levels, pain, minor injuries, radiation exposure, etc.

Although we can also use bioacoustics for personality and compatibility profiles, currently we use a combination of other techniques. This allows us to confirm findings through different methods.

Do you have to test in person?

Testing can be done remotely with access to appropriate microphone and computer.

How do you administer therapy?

Frequencies are administered through a patented palm-sized frequency generator and headphones.

How accurate is the test?

Our testing is based on *Frequency Equivalents™. Research done by Sharry Edwards of Sound Health Options and the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology has shown that those people suffering with the same conditions tend towards similar, if not identical, vocal anomalies.

How do you administer the test?

We record our client’s voice by having them speak into a condenser microphone, which has been set up specifically to capture the most variables within the voice.

Based on my test results, what do I need to do?

First we set up an appointment to review your test results. Based on what test we administer, you have the option of sharing your results with your healthcare provider and/or receiving tones of the FEs for a natural alternative to self care.

Where did you get your training?

We have been certified with Sound Health under the tutelage of Sharry Edwards, the recognized pioneer in Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling. Training is ongoing as new information is gathered, technology advances, new diseases are discovered, and pathogens change and mutate.

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